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Case Study: Nike, Inc.    International Business and Trade Unit II (Prof. Sosland)
Vera Tillmanns

1. Company Ethics: Nike Inc. in Cooperation with its suppliers
Many global companies like Nike, Inc. are seen as role models both in the market place as well as in society in large. That is why they are expected to act responsibly in their dealings with humanity and the natural world. Nike benefits from the global sourcing opportunities, therefore areas such as production and logistics have been outsourced to partner companies in low-wage countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. As a result the company is limited nowadays to its core competencies of Design and Marketing.
Nike does not merely sell products these days. They spend billions of dollars for advertising contracts with famous athletes like Tiger Woods to increase the value of the brand by associating the factor of lifestyle to their products.  The company's image has been damaged many times by press releases as well as a variety of NGOs who have long pointed out the inhumane working conditions in the production facilities of sporting goods manufacturers. This leads to the question whether should Nike orientate the regulations of the suppliers to the labor standards in their respective countries or those in the United States?  The labor conditions are so inhumane that Nike at least should try to converse to the US standard to improve the situation. The following analysis of an abstract of Nikes’ Responsibility Concept, including SHAPE and their Code of Conduct, should give an insight into the difficulties of the Sweatshops.
1.1 Nike Responsibility Concept: Explanation and Critical Analysis
Since the pressure of the NGOs on the company has been growing, N ...
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Conflict Management

If you have to deal with other people, you will, sooner or later, have to deal with conflict. Conflict is not inherently bad. Since no two people view the world exactly the same way, disagreement is quite normal. In fact, conflict simply stems from differing viewpoints. In many cases conflict occurs when individuals or groups are not obtaining what they need or want and are seeking their own self-interest. Sometimes the individual is not aware of the need and unconsciously starts to act out. Other times, the individual is very aware of what he or she wants and actively works at achieving the goal. However, the outcome and the value of the result depend on the way conflicts are perceived and managed.
Regardless of the type of conflict, AUL expects from each employee to take responsibility for their own actions and emotions, and to work out differences they may have with fellow team members. The employee's ability to handle conflicts positively impacts personal development and an individual's readiness for promotion. Confronting conflicts and dealing with them in a positive way is beneficial for the organization. On the other hand, if it is handled destructively, the consequences can be very damaging for the individuals involved and for the company...

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